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DD-Inox Ltd. started off as a private enterprise of Dániel Dobosi in 1989, producing oenological tanks. Besides making tanks, our family is also involved in wine-growing, which was especially helpful in the development of our products.

With the growth of the undertaking these two profiles separated in 1997. We established DD-Inox Ltd. as a 100 percent family-owned enterprise.


In the beginning our main profile was the manufacturing and development of various containers, tanks and other equipment made of stainless steel, mostly for the food industry, and especially for oenology.

Besides oenology and food industry equipment, we are now making special stainless steel products, more than 50 percent of them for the Western European market.

Our products include fermentation pots and containers, special red wine tanks, containers with floating caps, hoppers , custom-made containers, sinks, basins, banisters.


Worth nothing is our self-developed red wine fermentation tank ,equipped with a rotating grape pomace hat-loosening cone, which can be operated completely automatically, without (human) supervision. In addition to the products mentioned above, we also custom make one piece stainless steel products and series, tailor-made to the needs of our clients.

Since 2000, our company is using ISO 9001 quality management system, thereby ensuring that the needs of our customers are covered to a great extent.

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